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Ready for some Hearthstone action?

October 9, 2013

Streaming live right now at:


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  1. jim permalink

    Yes, i’m ready for some Hearthstone action! Hello muS! Banned again. The moderator said it was for unsolicited messages. Oh well. May be a while before i’m back on again. U can maybe reach me on Paltalk. User name: jimbojim_1
    Talk with u soon.

  2. DulakX (AAoJ-Raziel) permalink

    Hi muSPK, just wanna say “Hello”. I am DulakX, played a lot D2 classic hc and stopped then when LoD made it to much casual. I remember u as one oft the top players oft he old days and I am just happy that you are still addicted to the game and the dark side. I think player killing and defending myself from PKs and all that „tricking out“ other players along with crazy hc duel games motivated me so much and made me whish to become better and better.

    Now, in d3, where the only way to PK is by trapping a banner, wp or area entry, which means not killing by ourselfs with our weapon… it is really not what it was.

    I remember all the old duels with DeaDly-Bean, Window, Nightmare, Troxxx, the Warder-Guys and the mighty Nolby Pride…. i am really sad that D3 could not recreate this atmosphere.

  3. Could’nt agree more, The beginning of Diablo 2 is an era we will never see again but always treasure in our Hearts. The players I remember most was Ace-Bloodlust and Ogrecleaver I think his name were!

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