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What is muSPK up to right now?

Playing Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Hardcore Mode and Streaming at Twitch.

Back to WoW

I have been playing WoW since the release of the latest expansion, if you want to find out, don’t forget to follow my stream!


Gaming background & Achievements

Just wanted to write little about my gaming background in this post.

Basically I have been playing videogames my whole life. I started to play more competitive back in 1999 when I got my “real computer” and one month later I also got access to a broadband-connection, so I could keep playing all night long without ruining myself.

Games worth mentioning:

Starcraft: BroodWar:
The game that started it all for me when it comes to online gaming, so many fond memories I have of this game and it’s people playing it! It was my first online game.

Probably the game that had the best community and I will always treasure all the late nights talk we had in Brood War Swe-1 during the summer months of our youth!
I can be bold and say, that this game or rather the community had a big influence to the person I am today.

Counter Strike:
Played a bit (or a lot, depends who you asking ) together with Heaton back at 1999 when the game was still fresh. Later decided that I didn’t like all the changes to the game mechanics, like making the weapons be more realistic when fired etc so I stopped playing, and Heaton contiuned without me, rest is history.

Quake 3

Diablo 2 and LoD:
This is the game where I got my nickname muSPK. Ranked at best as number 2 in Europe (world?) Hardcore ladder during Classic Diablo 2. I were a notorious PK, so life were very Hardcore so to say on the Hardcore ladder, many PKK:s that were after my precious Ear.

For LoD I managed to get a number 1 spot on the Hardcore ladder Europe, but the PK-scene were forever changed, the golden age of Diablo 2 Classic-era were long gone… At the end as I remember it, Blizzard had nerfed the shit out of us PK:s and taken away all the tools we had for our disposal.

Playing as a PK is probably the most fun I had in any games till this day, those were some memorable days, sure I did some questionable shit but hey, it’s just a game ;). (Though I had fun as a PK in Diablo 2, I don’t play as one in Diablo 3 but my nickname lives on).
I went under the names:

Battlefield 1942:

World of Warcraft Vanilla:
A lot can be said about vanilla. For me it felt for the most part, just like a beta. All specs were not viable yet, but that were going to change in an upcoming expansion..
The Burning Crusade:
Played as an enhancement Shaman during TBC and was ranked number #1 in gear score and DPS in the world during the end of The Burning Crusade with the guild Vicarious.

Zombie Panic!:

Diablo 3:
Not done with this game yet, but I can say that ROS is what Diablo 3 Vanilla should have been when first released. Felt like I were a beta tester when they released the original game.

I played many other games ofcourse, but these are the games I have played the most and they have a very special place in my Heart.

One more thing worth mentioning, I am a huge Blizzard fan, there I said it! Can’t wait to get my hands on Titan (which is now canceled)!

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls that is the game I’m playing right now.

Reaper of Souls is a big improvement compare to the “beta” game Diablo 3 were, I think most of us saw us self as beta players, that we were testing a game that wasn’t complete yet, but  that feeling is gone with RoS and I would recommend anyone to try it out. So much has improve since Diablo 3.

Ready for some Hearthstone action?

Streaming live right now at:

Streaming Hearthstone

Streaming right now at:

More Hearthstone

That’s right, I gonna do some more  Hearthstone streaming tonight at twitch.

Hearthstone streaming

Gonna do some streaming today at twitch. The Game I will be playing is Blizzards new card game, Hearthstone! I will be doing some arena and open some packs.